Tuesday, January 29, 2019

In 2002: Handspring ships Treo 180 (GSM cellular networks)

The birth of the smartphone? Perhaps! If not, then at the very least it was a massive step forward for Handspring and for the mobile world as a whole too.

In 1996: Pilot announced

Yep, the pilot was announced and is a milestone to this day in the mobile device history line. I actually owned one very briefly but a long time after it was released. This device was the beginning of so much!

Monday, January 28, 2019

In 2002: Palm Inc. announces i705 (replaces VIIx)

This is a device that I always wished I'd had, but never got around to, and these days they're quite expensive to get hold of. A bit of a shame really. A nice device and, in its day, a real innovation.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

In 2003: Sony announces SJ33 (entry level with MP3 and hi-res color)

I never had one of these, but they did seem good, with the same comments I've made about the other Sony devices over time.

Monday, January 21, 2019

In 2002: split of Palm into OS Subsidiary ("PalmSource") and Palm Hardware ("Palm Inc.") companies

I never thought that this was a good idea, and I think it was the beginning of the end for the whole of the Palm OS ecosystem. What a very great shame that was! They could have done so much more I think.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

In 2002: Symbol introduces SPT-1550

Whilst I don't know much about this devices itself I do know that they were built for commercial / industrial use and are quite rare now, although you can occasionally find the odd company that still use them.

In 2002: Sony announces T615 and S360

Both of which were very nice devices in their own way. Actually Sony were pretty prolific in releasing Palm OS based devices and produced them for virtually all tastes and budgets. In the end I had a handful of their devices over time and still do, but I often had the impression that they tried to put too much in each device and compromised at times.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

In 2001: Palm Desktop v4 for Windows released

Not a massive thing really, but it did bring some new things for Palm users and fixed a lot of problems too.

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Phem Emulator issues

I've been loading up apps to Phem on my Amazon Fire tablet, but, as you can see, I've been having some issues with some apps. It doesn't seem to be something predictable though. Fairly random in fact.

It has meant that loading apps to the emulator has taken a lot longer that I'd wanted really, but I'm getting there slowing.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

And more Rex files too

In addition to more Palm OS files going into the Library, I'm adding in more Rex 6000 files too. One of note is MiniData. It's a database viewer. Quite useful, and one of the few Rex 6000 addin files I've managed to find.

More apps into the library

I've been adding more stuff into the library today (click above in the menu where it says library) and you'll see. I'm hoping to add more stuff throughout this week, so check back regularly.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Jeff Hawkins founds Palm Computing

Jeff Hawkins founds Palm Computing

A few more thoughts about 2019

I've been thinking a lot about what Palmorama will be this year. Whilst in some ways you could argue that, against all the odds, there is something new happening in the world of Palm. It isn't actually very "Palm" oriented. The owners of the Palm brand hasn't (at least in my opinion) made something that continues the line of Palm in a meaningful way. I would have liked them to do something that took forward the legacy of Palm and took it into new directions. Sadly, they didn't. I think it was a shame.

There are a few things that are of interest, not many, but a few. But is that enough to keep going? Is that enough to keep a blog going? Maybe.

Of course there's plenty to look back on from the golden days of the Palm era, and I think that I've done a fair amount of that over the last few years. It's fun, but, after this long it is also quite possibly enough looking back. Or at least it feels that way.

So where does that leave us?

Well, there's still a lot that I could do in terms of the Palm Library. I'm sure that I still have a load more apps that could be uploaded. So that's one thing.

And what about the apps I'd started making for Palm OS? That is another potential. I have started many many apps over the years. Sadly I haven't finished very many at all. I always intend to go back to several of them, but finding the time isn't easy. Maybe this year will be different. I don't know as yet.

The biggest area, and the area I still haven't cracked, is making a Palm PDA work for me now. I do have a couple of new ideas for this, but again, it really isn't so easy at all. I'm hoping to move forward with it, but it may take time, and also, it may go in directions you might not expect.

I think that for now we'll just have to see how things unfold this year. There isn't really any other way.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

So what's the plan for this year then?

Well that's a good question. In the early days of Palmorama it was mainly about news. Then, as Palm faded away it became about the legacy and who was still doing interesting things in the space. In recent years it's been much more about what you can still do with a Palm PDA, and that has been interesting too.

But in 2019 I think I'd like to spend a bit more time thinking about stuff I'd like to do and make with these old devices. I still think there's some fun to be had with them.

... And before I forget ...

Just wanted to say a big thank you for still coming back and checking out my ramblings on vintage technology. It's much appreciated.

Welcome to Palmorama's 14th year of talking about PDA stuff

Which is a pretty big milestone in my view. I really had no idea that it would keep going on this long, but here we are. It's the 1st of January 2019 and Palmorama is still around.