Wednesday, October 31, 2018

An interesting upgrade for a Fossil Watch

As a Fossil Watch owner I found this quite an interesting project. Not that I'd in anyway be able to do it. But it looks like it could make the Fossil more useful and of course give it a much longer use frame.


Shout if you know what these are!

Better Sound for older devices

I was checking back to see if this had been updated, but sadly no. It would have been really good if there had been an update and some more development here, but you can understand why of course.

Cameras in the Palm OS day

I can only think of these few things and that's all. Of course some of the later Sony Clie devices had them, and then the Treos, but these were phones of course.

But these few devices were kind of cool, and maybe just a part of some more modular future for devices that we never achieved.

Remember this?

Any guesses for where this is from, and, did you know it even worked on a Palm OS device?

Blank slate

Recognise this?

Special prize if you can. Ok, really there's no prize, but if you can guess it, then let me know.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Imagine having upgradable RAM in a modern device!

Ones that got away ...

I've been looking at the code for this again

It actually got too unwieldy to work properly, and actually would take several minutes for it to compile. I think I just got too over ambitious with it in the end, and I think that if I were to try and do the same thing again I'd do it in much smaller chunks rather than bite off everything in one go.

Fast Basic ... one of those Palm OS apps I never got around to

Always meant to, but perhaps it really is a little too late now? Maybe? What do you think?

Remember this #pda

Another view of that #daw for #windowsmobile #pda

Another sort of #daw for #windowsmobile #pda

And the first #daw on a #windowsmobile #pda and it still works

Never quite got the hang of this on a #windowsmobile #pda

Every now and then I go back to a #windowsmobile #pda