Wednesday, January 04, 2017

What sort of apps?

If you do still use a PDA what apps are missing? What would you really like to have running on your old PDA, and why?

I'd really like to hear from you.


Cg Boy said...

I think something I would really like on my old palm is a working port of the Python programming language. Many years back, Python was ported to Palm os, but that port doesn't seem to work in Palm os 5.

As for why I want it, I would like to write some more apps for Palm os, and Python is my favorite programming language. The closest working alternative seems to be the Palm os port of the Lua programming language.

Nick said...

I don't myself see it in those terms, but rather what apps and functions haven't been superseded in iOS or other systems. I use far fewer Palm apps than I did in the golden days of the T3, and have downgraded from PalmOS 5 to 4 because one of the things I need is a non-backlit screen I can touch-type on. But what's striking is that, given that I'm carrying an m500 around with me anyway (because I do all my notetaking on a CyKey keyboard and no other platform has a standalone dongle-free driver), there are still PalmOS apps I use for specific daily tasks in preference than their iOS or desktop counterparts: NoteTaker, BrainForest, A5, JFile. There was just so much great app design on those tiny screens (especially in music apps). So long as there's one killer reason to keep using the device, you find yourself still appreciating that famous zen of Palm.