Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Getting my first app onto the Fossil Palm OS watch (or not)

Beaming from the Handera 330 was pretty easy. However, it had one drawback, and that was that you couldn't beam a protected file from the Handera. However, on the Treo 650 I've got filez, which is an excellent file management app for Palm OS and has no such restrictions to it at all, which makes it excellent for tasks like getting stuff onto the Fossil.

Having said all of that BeePo isn't protected, so that in itself isn't an issue. However, it is for other apps and I'll come to those in another post I expect.

BeePo 2 beamed over with no issues at all. It took a little while as the .prc file is 106k, which, if you were wondering, is actually a bit big for a Palm OS app.

Having said that, it was the least of my worries as you can see from this error message. BeePo is expecting Palm OS 5 to run, and the Fossil only has OS4. Of course I couldn't upgrade this device to PalmOS 5 as it simply isn't built for that at all. It's built for OS4 only.

However, this isn't a massive problem. The reason that BeePo is asking for Palm OS5 is that I've built it that way, and all I need to do next is to recompile it for OS4. That won't take long at all.

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