Thursday, August 04, 2016

And some more of the BeePo 2 screens

When I started to make BeePo 2 I decided to take a different approach to the information and help screens. 

I wanted to have more information available should anyone want it. So I used a different way of providing these screens rather than the info box you can use in standard iziBasic.

It gives me a lot more scope for putting text into the app in a quite simple way, and I was very pleased to see that actually it all worked well on the Fossil.

One thing that is pointless on the Fossil is to put in a web link. The Fossil has no connectivity at all, so it wouldn't work.

But help text does, and on the screen above you can see in the bottom right hand corner I've got up and down arrows so you can scroll. This actually works using the rocker switch on the Fossil.

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