Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Smartwatch size comparison (Fossil Abacus v Pebble Time)

The Fossil is much heavier than the Pebble Time, but then you'd expect that wouldn't you? In actual fact the available screen size is about the same! Obviously the Fossil screen is monochrome and not e-ink, but it is a touch screen whereas the Pebble isn't.

Also the Fossil is a device in its own right whereas the Pebble needs a smartphone to work, so in some ways the Fossil the more stand alone device.

I found it interested to see the two side by side.

I'll be posting more like this soon enough.


Nick said...

Really enjoying this series; I absolutely loved my Fossil till the battery-life issues became too much for me. I remember betatesting miniMusic apps on it...

Ashley Elsdon said...

Thanks for that. No I'll have to try out the miniMusic apps on it!