Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Making the Rex 6000 case

This is an update as to where I've got to with making the Rex 6000 case. If you remember I started out with the idea that I could use an old cassette case (actually it's quite new, but that's not entirely relevant), as a case for two Rex 6000's.

I knew I'd have to cut the two tape holders inside the case, but that they wouldn't be gone entirely, so I had to make allowances for these to be sticking up a bit inside the case.

Ideally the case would carry two Rex 6000's. I started to make a kind of prototype, although that's quite a posh word for what I was doing with bits of cardboard!

This was ok, but not brilliant by any means. But it did show that something like this could be done. From there I started to think about doing this with something more custom built, and I started to toy with some 3D designs. This took a while as I've never done anything like that before, but in the end I managed to measure everything and come up with a design that I thought would work.

I sent it to shapeways to be printed, and this is what came back.

As you can see I had it made to avoid the spool holders in the case and that worked out well.

Also the design fits perfectly except for the two little guides that sit in the inside front of the case and now make it protrude slightly. Unfortunately as a result of that the case now won't close. I could file those areas down slightly to make it work, and I probably will.

As for the Rex sitting inside this inlay, here's what that looks like.

That seems to be a near perfect fit. There's a little slide in the there, but not much and it isn't a problem.

However, what is a problem is that two of these won't fit inside the cassette case. That just won't work at all. I think I need to make this inlay slimmer in order for that to happen.

So it isn't quite over and it isn't quite 'back to the old drawing board' or whatever the appropriate 3D design phrase would be, but it does need some more work.

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