Monday, January 25, 2016

So, what is PDAT anyway?

I thought it would be a good idea to answer, or at least try to answer that question as a result of this comment.

The PDA Toolbox site is no more, but you can still find it via the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine). Here's an example snapshot of the old site.

Here's how PDA Toolbox (PDAT) described itself:

"If you have a Palm OS organizer, an idea for a program, and a burning desire to create, PDA Toolbox is for you! Unlike other development platforms for the Palm, PDA Toolbox requires no previous programming knowlege. Through it's revolutionary and easy to use visual interface, you can begin developing programs for your Palm Pilot within minutes of installing the software. Here's a partial list of features and capabilities that your programs can have when developed with PDA Toolbox...
  • Compact Executables. PDA Toolbox applications are freestanding, and require no 'runtime module' to operate
  • Up to 64 separate forms per application for data input or viewing
  • Drop down selection boxes
  • Scrollable lists of database elements
  • Several Input field types. (AlphaNum, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Date, Time)
  • Personalized About Screen, ICONs, and Screen backgrounds
  • Two way Data conversion utility
  • And Much Much More!
All this through our easy to use, drag-and-drop user interface. PDA Toolbox allows you to quickly create professional looking programs, in fact several developers are currently selling programs developed with PDA Toolbox and it's predecessor, Palm Factory.

Creating applications for the Palm organizers has never been easier, or more fun! Fun is Good, and We make good programming fun!"

Hopefully that helps with understanding what I'm talking about when I mention PDAT.

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Handheld Breadcrumbs said...

nice post :) I browsed PDAT page through that link and downloaded PDAT itself, not sure if I will be able to run it without license...

Anyway, that readme file inside zip archive mentions such web site - it can be accessed through web archive, contains lots of links, especially if this page is used as jump -