Sunday, January 10, 2016

PDAT is up and running on my Libretto

PDAT (PDA Toolbox) is a now abandoned toolkit for making PDA (Palm) apps. It's basically form based, and allowed you to place GUI objects onto a form with drag and drop. However, it also had a scripting language that allowed you to take it further than just form based stuff.

I started lots of projects using PDAT (what's new there then), but never finished any of them because they all got lost when a laptop went horribly wrong.

I decided to try out PDAT on a virtual machine, but it wasn't happy at all. Then I tried it on my Libretto, and guess what, it works like a dream!

So perhaps it is time to try it out again and make some more data driven Palm OS apps. If I can I'll post about the experience of it as I go too.

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Unknown said...

I think it's time for the palm renaissance.
I have a t3, tx, lifedrive, and a clie.
Would pdat be good to create audio apps? Like for instance a sample processor or editor. Or maybe a synth that can export .wav?

If you want to talk more palm stuff you can contact me @ yes it is a real email.