Saturday, January 23, 2016

Getting into the detail of PDAT

I've been reading up on PDAT as it has been years since I used it and I haven't been into it since then. Now that it's up and running on my Libretto I thought it might be useful to see what is and is not possible. Basically PDAT is all about forms and tables. It has a lot of functionality in it, but a lot has disappeared as Palm OS became obsolete. Anyway, it still can be useful, and, hopefully, I'll be making some things with it soon enough.

I've even got a couple of ideas already!


Handheld Breadcrumbs said...

Sorry for such questions, but what's PDAT ?
Is it some sort of framework, library for UI ?
I have not stumbled upon such term yet.

Ashley Elsdon said...

Not a surprise really. PDAT is very old now, at least by the internet's standards. What it was was a Windows application that let you build Palm OS apps. Not an IDE, but a way of constructing relatively simple Palm OS apps with drag and drop functionality.

It could be extended through libraries etc, but not a huge amount.

Anyway, hopefully that answers your question. I think I might put out another post in the next day or two to help explain it too.