Monday, October 19, 2015

Looking at the PuzzlePhone which looks a lot like the Visor

I'm quite interested in the whole 'modular' electronics movement, and, especially the modular smartphone initiatives, but when I was looking at the PuzzlePhone the other day it struck me how much it looked like the Handspring Visor, how about this ...

Yep, the Visor was pretty ground breaking in its time, but it looks like the best gets copied quite happily.

I don't know what kind of modules PuzzlePhone will have, and I'm guessing that they won't be quite like the handspring modules for the visor. I did like the old modules, I've still got quite a few.

Of course, a back up module would be good, although I expect that most new devices won't need a hardware back up module.

Extra memory is probably not needed if the modular phones have SD cards, and, as most of them are going to be running Android then that's a high probability.

DB modules are probably not going to be needed either, and I have done precious little with this module if I'm honest.

However, the voice recorder modules are more examples of modules that won't be a part of any modular phone or device in the future, unless of course it's some kind of high end recorder / microphone set up. Now that would be impressive.

The visor had a couple of camera modules, or at least it had two versions of the eyemodule, a I and II version. The II was able to shoot video as well as take stills.

So I guess what I'm saying is that probably most of the Visor modules we had back when Handspring was around aren't things that are going to be much use in the new modular device, except perhaps camera modules which could be really powerful.

So, whilst the Visor was lovely, and, in my opinion the real precursor to the modular devices that will become available in the next year or so, what was developed for those those devices are going to be a million miles away from the kind of modules we will see in the future.

Whatever they are, whatever they look like, I hope that they'll be as ground breaking as the Visor was.

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Juris Kaste said...

did no know that eyemodule 2 could shoot video.
the more you know :)