Sunday, May 24, 2015

Palm and MIDI and this is why ...

You've probably noticed that I often use a Palm device for MIDI to control stuff. And you might be wondering why? I've got lots of other midi stuff I could use instead. Lots of more modern stuff and older too. So why use a palm so often?

Well the simple answer is that it is really easy. You can set up a Palm OS device to send midi really quickly and with a minimum of fuss. 

I like having the ability to just get started with it so quickly and work out if the receiving device is getting the signal or not. 

Also the old Palm OS has some great apps for MIDI. Apps like theremini and beat pad are great for getting MIDI out quickly.

So using Palm OS for MIDI is pretty easy. Easier than connecting up an iOS device for sure. That's why I tend to reach for my Palm PDA when trying out MIDI rather than anything else. 

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