Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Palm Watch

In a season where everyone is talking about the smartwatch I think it's important to remember that this stuff started a long time ago. Some of the earliest smartwatches started in the palm ecosystem. 

The fossil watches were a great example of the early smartwatch. They were connected to your palm or at least your palm data. Sure they didn't have all the fancy notifications that modern smartwatches have today but then neither did the Palm devices themselves. It was a different world and that kind of technology wasn't expected. 

But they were functional and let you do a bunch of things that your palm did without having to refer to it. 

So it's not really a new idea. Just one that's taking off now. I'd still like to get one of the later fossil watches but the prices on them are very high even now. I guess there are plenty of people like me who still want them. 

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