Tuesday, February 03, 2015

So, where would you even go to find Palm OS apps these days?

There is almost nowhere really now. Back in the day it used to be places PalmGear HQ, Handango and others too, but now, where would you go? I really don't know. It struck me today and I wondered if anyone else was actually wondering this kind of thing?

There is still a freeware palm site I think, but a lot of the links are actually dead now, which is a shame.

I guess the other thing to consider is that perhaps there's just no need for this kind of thing anymore. That's entirely likely I guess, but I'm sure that there are still people who are looking for Palm OS apps. If that's the case, perhaps I'll do something about it. It'll probably be using my library (see above).

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dee said...

Main centralised venues for software download, like aforementioned Palm Gear are gone now. Softpedia has undergone complete site redesign and decided to truncate Handheld section. There are still niches to be found, though, mainly individual developers' sites and sourceforge project pages.
As for dead links on Freeware Palm and elsewhere, wayback machine on archive.org is valuable web archeology tool for their excavation.
Archive.org also hosting large PalmOS sofware collection.
Surprisingly, there are still files attached in many yahoo groups, recently I salvaged about 30MB of software from Sony Clie Users Group.
And sometimes i resort to local files, during the years I managed to collect several GBs of various PalmOS tools and programs.
If you need some contribution or help with building the library, I'm more than willing to help.