Wednesday, January 01, 2014

So, what will happen with Palm is 2014?

It's only fair to say that Palm is a dead OS, or at least I'm not aware of anyone working on it at the moment. So, is it even worth talking about anymore? I'd say yes of course. The Palm OS still has life it in and is still useful to a lot of people, and I still really like it a lot. I think that this is proved by the fact that there are still people tinkering with things out there, making emulators for Android for example, and I'll bet there's more.

In 2014 I'd like to pull together more of the old Palm world and recover files and other useful stuff into the Palmorama library, so if you have anything you think might be useful please let me know. I'd also like to finish some of my old palm projects and get some new ones off the ground. I don't know if that's possible, but I will try.

And what about the site? Well I'm not sure how that will change in 2014. I don't have any real plans to change things but that doesn't mean it won't happen. I'd like to get the side bar issues fixed for a start, but apart from that I think it's ok. The library will hopefully expand as will the Bhajis instruments site. I have had an idea or two for other sites so perhaps that's where I'll focus my attention in 2014.

So, if you're still doing something with a Palm OS device, here's to 2014. Who knows what will happen!

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dee said...

It was a good year, Fontsmoother and all of the Dimitri Gringberg's apps became freeware, to the delight of all Palmhead remnants.
Happy new year and keep up the good work.