Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I had an idea which I can't make work ...

And the reason it can't work because iziBasic 7 had these things still on the development roadmap:
  • Implement the CLIPBOARDADD statement
  • Implement the slider GUI object
  • Implement a button type without the border drawn around it
  • Study the opportunity to open access to the 256 bytes buffer to share with global variables in the so called “PP applets”
  • Study how to generate hidden applications, meaning applications with no form
  • Study how to implement built-in files access to external memory cards (SD Cards, Memory Sticks...)
  • Implement a sophisticated Boolean parsing capability for compilation of what is currently “v|n TestOper v|n” and “c|t TestOper c|t” in conditional statements. At this stage, I’d rather study how to re-engineer the parsing capabilities of iziBasic to allow complex expressions in all areas (this would be a huge work, easy to perform but requesting to write back most of the compiler and the virtual machine code!)
Given that the last update to iziBasic was back in July 2009 I doubt that these things will get delivered now. Which is a shame, but quite understandable.

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