Monday, January 07, 2013

The Palm Parrot

I never owned one of these as they'd gone well before I even knew about them, but I always wanted one. Here's what they could do ...

4 Channel Wavetable SynthesisListen to awesome sounding tunes with the PalmParrot's proprietary wavetable music synthesis technology.

Voice RecognitionControl special functions in your Palm Computing Connected Organizer by simply speaking voice commands into your PalmParrot.

Voice Recording and PlaybackRecord and playback important memos and messages which can be attached to a specific contact ot appointment.

DTMF Auto DialingProgram in your most frequently called numbers for fast and easy dialing anytime. Tap on the number, or use voice command to dial the phone.

Digital Sound
Experience crystal clear sound effects.

Internal SpeakerListen to games, speech and music via the PalmParrot's speaker.

Condenser MicrophoneRecord directly into the PalmParrot.

Stereo Headphone JackLets you enjoy the PalmParrot in private.

So overall a pretty amazing device for back in the late 90's and early 00's. However, it would have set you back $129, so not exactly cheap!

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