Friday, January 11, 2013

Experimenting with old devices: Palm IIIxe and OS4

I don't know why but I like to experiment with these older devices and see what you can get them to do. It's fun, not necessarily useful, but I like things with limitations.

So I thought I'd try my hand at getting a Palm IIIxe to work as a MIDI controller in a number of different ways. Here's what I've got planned:
  • Running a variety of apps to send MIDI:
    • NotePad
    • BeatPad
    • AxisPad
    • Theremidi
    • SpinPad
    • MixPad
  • Using the IIIxe to run cBasPad (basic for Palm OS) to send MIDI over the serial connection
It'll be interesting to see how it goes and what I can get it to work with. I'll let you know how I get on with. The first thing I need to do is to get all of these back onto the device and see what works ok.

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