Thursday, February 28, 2008

Saguaro and LineUp are no more

The forthcoming multi-tasking environment for PalmOS has been cancelled by PDA Performance citing the diminishing Palm economy as the main driver. It is a real shame and I think lots of people will be very disappointed as a result. However, it is perhaps the first writing on the wall that developers are leaving the palm economy for pastures new.

Here's what PDA Performance have to say:
This was an extremely difficult decision for us, but certainly a critical one that we had to make. Our most recent development efforts, namely LineUp and Saguaro, relied primarily on the success of Palm. You’ve most likely heard about the struggling Palm OS economy. Unfortunately, it’s affecting us as well in ways we never could have predicted.

We’ve poured our hearts into making both LineUp and Saguaro and agonized over every last detail in both the code and design. During development, if a portion of our code wasn’t exactly right, we’d redo it to perfection. We’re that fanatical about our software. But when it comes right down to it - we’re a team of entrepreneurs, programmers and designers that have to eat, too.

Many thanks go to all of our fans and customers who have supported us throughout our development. We’re sorry to say that after six successful years, we have to go. We’re sure there are many more opportunities that will present themselves in the future. So don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine. Chances are, someday you might find each of us out in unique industries doing what we love most – innovating.

Best Regards,
The Team @ PDA Performance

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adam said...

i have been looking all over for the prc file for saguaro! its funny, because in my experience the pal community is always posting rare files like that. would you be willing to give me a copy of saguaro? i can give you my email.