Friday, March 09, 2007

Apple Sub-Notebook, iPhone, and goings on at Palm

Well, there's lots going on isn't there. As I read it the big news is that Palm has hired an ex-Apple interface guru to help them with their "iPhone killer" device. Or so the rumors go anyway. Paul Mercer is credited with development of the core software behind the Newton and is widely regarded as leading his field.

Add to this the fact that Palm claim to be making an announcement about their elusive "third product category" in May and maybe something interesting might be going on. What, I don't know, but so long as it isn't just another Treo it will be an improvement in my book anyway.

The next interesting thing as far as I'm concerned is the continued rumor over an Apple sub-notebook. Now, I would love to see an Apple handheld, and a sub-notebook would be almost as good, but it gets better. The current rumor is that the sub would be running a cut down version of OSX that is going to be on the iPhone, and may well be flash based. So, fast boots, less moving parts. Starts to get quite interesting.

Now, if you launch a device like that you have to let people be able to load software to it, and so developers have to be able to develop for it. If it is the same OSX as in the iPhone, then that whole OS may be opened up to third party apps. This is getting really cool now.

I know that this is loads of speculation, and no one really knows what will happen with either Palm or Apple, but it is fun to speculate about it all.

I also think that the more innovation that can come into these markets the better, it has been sadly lacking for a while,

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samthepdaman said...

Yes, "look guys another treo. This one has wifi so we are going to call it the Quio!". That would be a letdown..