Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How will PDA's respond to Apple's iPhone

Now that the cat is out of the bag and Apple really have developed a phone which contains OSX in the device, what will happen to handheld operating systems like Palm and Windows Mobile? Will they really survive?

Looking at the capabilities of the iPhone, it look like it has everything that a real smartphone would need. It has:

- The internet
- Text SMS
- Phone (obviously)
- Calendar
- Email
- Notes
- Widgets

Then it has...

- an iPod
- Video
- Photos
- Conference calling
- Google maps with satellite nevigation

But, I expect that is just the start. I predict that there will be a growing application ecosystem for the iPhone. If developers can easily convert / adapt their applications to run on the handheld version of OSX (if indeed it is a "version" of the OS). If developers can do this easily there will be a large portfolio of apps around for the iPhone. With a big app portfolio running on a powerful robust multi-tasking OS, how will the other platforms respond? Will they be able to compete at all?

I bet that within a few months or sooner we'll have versions of many other popular applications enabling functions like making small movies on your phone, podcasting on your phone, word processing and spreadsheets, and many more.

I think that the iPhone really will change the mobile phone market, but in a way that will make many users realise just what a smartphone should be about.

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