Monday, October 30, 2006

To sync or not to sync

That is the question?

When I started as a palm / pda user I would always sync. To outlook, to palm desktop etc. These days I find I sync less and less. I use my T3 with Missing Sync and it works fine, but I find myself being constantly reminded to sync and made me wonder why.

I use my PDA as a stand alone device mostly. I transfer files to and from either via bluetooth or using SD card. So, why sync?

For calendar? No, I don't keep my calendar on my Mac. In fact, in the real world what is the equivalent? If you have a paper diary you don't sync it or back it up for that matter, so why do that with a PDA?

I don't get it.

More and more I find that the PDA is stand alone and does what it does, and the desktop is too. Sometimes they need to talk. Sometimes they need to swap files, but not that regularly.

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