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iziBasic 6

I had to post something about izibasic having posted once on Vizibasic. I was playing / working with these tools today and I have to say that they are brilliant.

iziBasic stands for easy Basic for Palm. It targets all kinds of developers and should be a very good tool for newbee programmers. Skilled programmers will also find in iziBasic a tool to develop very quickly and easily various types of software.

iziBasic is a high level development compiler which builds Stand-alone applications. The great thing is that it does all of that directly on-board of your Palm OS based device.
Source codes are easily written using:
- either the Memo Pad application which is shipped with all Palm OS devices,
- or an on-board third party DOC editor of your choice.

As its name also states it, iziBasic uses the BASIC high level and very easy to learn development language, a customized subset of it to be
precise. You will discover how easy and quick it is to develop software with iziBasic when the more common development tools available on the Palm OS platform usually require pretty good development skills.

A wonderful review, very positive and precise, was written for iziBasic on the famous English Palm247 website. You may access to this review by clicking on the image here after:

I especially appreciated this review because I believe that it explains extremely well all aspects of iziBasic.

iziBasic is also very officially referenced on the PalmSource web site. It is qualified as "an easy-to-use BASIC compiler"
The full description of PalmSource can be found here:

Here's the updated description:

6.0 (11/04/05)
- Bug fix: iziBasic would crash when launched if the Memo Pad database had not been initialized by running the Memo Pad application at least once.
- Bug fix: in high resolution, the 20 text console lines (introduced in v4.0) would not always scroll correctly after an INPUT statement.
- Bug fix: the CLS console statement would not clear the screen in one case. Also optimized the code for the PRINT statement.
- Bug fix: the END statement, when included in a loop (IF, WHILE...), would cause an endless loop requiring a soft reset of the device.
- Bug fix: LTRIM$, TRIM$ and RTRIM$ could eventually get into an endless loop requiring a soft reset of the device if the string parameter was empty.
- Bug fix: objects are no more limited to the [1..255] range and can now be in the [1..999] range as expected and stated in the documentation.
- Bug fix: when the facultative target Creator ID was not specified, COPY would use iziBasic's Creator ID ("LDIB") for destination file instead of the source file's Creator ID.
- Bug fix: COPY would raise a fatal error leading to a soft reset of the device when trying to copy an empty database.
- Bug fix: the tracking of being or not in the main form was not always performed correctly in the virtual machine; that could lead to system crashes when working with custom forms (opened using the OPENFORM statement).
- Bug fix: DESTROYing a NUMFIELD, TEXTFIELD or TEXTFIELD$$ now frees the field's content in memory.
- Bug fix: a memory leak was generated (only a warning in the Palm OS Emulator when adequate debug option was checked).when quitting an application using menus, but with no side effect in real devices.
- Bug fix: calling SETFONT with either of the 128 or 129 values, or with the 130 or 131 values, was not behaving correctly.
- Enhanced integration of RESOURCEFILE by checking duplicate resources. Duplicate resources are no more added to the application and a warning is displayed.
- Enhanced the VAL function by having it consider leading spaces (" ") as zeros, so that VAL(" 10")=VAL("010")=10. Previously, a space character was considered as any other character but a digit so VAL(" 10") would have returned a zero value.
- Extended the INPUT statement from 23 to 63 characters.
- Optimization: if the personalized ABOUTBOX is not needed, its resource is no more integrated in the compiled application.
- Extended the scope of the CLOSEFORM and OPENFORM statements so that they can now handle the main form (which is, by default, built and displayed when the program is launched).
- Added a "Source Code Skeleton generator" wizard in the Options.
- Added another new option to allow pausing compilation when CHAINing source codes.
- Added a new POPUPCHOICE statement, which is very similar to the existing LISTCHOICE statement, to manage "real" popup lists (following Palm GUI guidelines).
- The list of items in a POPUCHOICE or a LISTCHOICE statement may now also be a pointer to the A$() array, starting at index A$(n) and stopping at the first empty index.
- Added a new UPDATECHOICE statement to allow changing the selection list of items in a POPUPCHOICE or a LISTCHOICE object.
- Just to mention it as this is a minor cosmetic enhancement, the drop-down list of iziBasic source codes that can be compiled is now resized to fit the number of source codes to display if there are less than 12 source codes available.
- Another minor cosmetic enhancement: the default about box now shows "YourApplication is powered by iziBasic" instead of "YourApplication was built with iziBasic".
- Two and many more SELECT CASE / END SELECT statements can now be imbricated one into another.
- Implemented the SCROLLBAR object. Updated the existing GUI statements and functions impacted by this new object (DESTROY, HIDE, SHOW and UPDATEVALUE).
- Added the new TEXTFIELD$$ and GETFIELD$$

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