Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The dilema of 2 PDAs

Currently I own a T3 and a Treo 650. Both are nice machines, but why do I need two?

Good question, and one I ask more often of myself these days.

The T3 has loads of memory and a 400mhz processor, whereas the Treo 650 only has about 23mb of RAM (as opposed to 52mb on the T3) which does cause a bit of an issue.

If I wanted to replicate everything from my T3 to my Treo I'd need to decide what I needed and what could go. That's not too easy. I have over 30mb of apps on the T3, so a lot of stuff would bite the dust.

I have to start to do something though.


Good question. Because my battery on my T3 has had it. I get about an hour of life out of a charge which is not good at all. So I've moved my diary over so far. It feels odd having it on the Treo though, and it also feels like a weird half way affair where nothing is really in the right place.

Perhaps I should bite the bullet and buy a replacement battery for the T3.

Perhaps I should ditch the Treo and get an ordinary phone?

I don't know. It is a hard thing to sort out.

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