Friday, July 14, 2006

Desktop woes

Even though I do like PDA's, palm especially, I've never really managed to get the hang of the desktop stuff. I have often felt that having a desktop element is like having an ocean going yacht, and permanently tieing it to the quay.

Why have a desktop component? I know that people want to share data from PDA to laptop / desktop, but again, why? Not for back up, you can do this to a card. Sync? To what, Outlook? Not much fun really?

Anyway, I don't like it and have avoided it for a long time now.

There is however, one reason I do need a sync, and that is to render my tracks from Bhajis Loops into .WAV format. I've had lots of problems with this, but today I've cracked it using a Mac Mini dual booting to Win XP.

Now everything is straightforward. The palm desktop on the XP partition only runs the .WAV sync and nothing else, so there's no calendar PIM sync going on.

I just hope it stays that simple.

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