Monday, May 01, 2006

Where do I want to go with my palm applications?

Having a blog helps in a way I haven't experienced before, it allows you to focus thoughts on specific areas that you want to develop. For me it is like having a load of separate journals that make me think about areas of my life that I would like to work on.

So, what about this idea? Palm applications. It has been a long standing idea of mine, and I have made a few applications in the past, but they have all left me feeling that I could do better.

The king of applications I would like to see for palm are:

1. Music applications, such as:
- Sound manipulation / design / editing
- Multi-track recording
- Algorithmic / generative music processing

2. A way of replicating a real (or simulated) desk on a palm?

3. A series of writing applications for palm

Will I ever get these things done? Who knows, I keep making a start then stopping because other stuff gets in the way and takes priority. I really want to make these things a reality.

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Cespino said...


I'm looking for the same thing in a Palm. I'd love to have a multitrack recording device. I think current hardware can afford realtime recording and full-duplex, so it would be great to have such a portable device.

I don't have a Palm now, but I would buy one if it had a line-in so I could plug in my guitar. Software wouldn't be a problem, as there are several applications for recording.

So, why aren't any PDA model with line-in in the market?