Thursday, July 20, 2017

Last picture of the #visor #neo #pda Lots of memory here! Nearly 8mb!

And the #visor #neo #pda powers up first time

The #visor #neo #pda has a transparent case so you can see all the lovely #circuits inside!

Another shot of the lovely #handspring #Visor #neo #pda

In 2001: Palm announces m125 with immediate availability

The m-series Palm OS PDAs sort of passed me by in a way. I was doing other stuff and still using my 3 series so I didn't need to go there. I sort of caught up again a few years ago, but I still don't understand why they moved to the m-series. I didn't think that the hardware really warranted a new line of PDAs. Just my view.

Handspring Visor Neo added to my #pda collection

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

In 1999: Palm IIIe announced (entry-level)

Which looked a lot like the other devices but came with only 2mb of RAM onboard. I mean, these days you can't really believe that you could do anything with 2mb, but you could back then and people did. I never really warmed to this device, but I guess that by the time it came out it really wasn't aimed at me.