Thursday, May 24, 2018

In 1999: Symbol SPT1700 and SPT 1740 introduced (ruggedized; bar-code; 1740 has integrated wireless LAN)

I have to admit that I don't know a lot about these primarily as ruggedised devices were never a big interest of mine. I can see how they would be useful, and you still very occasionally see some of these in use.

In 1999: Palm VII shipping in US

The Palm VII was an interesting device. One that I've always fancied owning but never have (so far anyway). It was an early wireless device from Palm and apparently was well received too. They rarely if ever come up on eBay and even if they do they're really only of appeal to someone collecting old PDAs.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

First Palm 3rd-party applications available (1996)

Here are some of the first 3rd-party applications available (WorldTime - Steve Mann; Blocks and Blackjack - Bill Kirby and Stu Slack (Jun.01); Invaders - Scott Ludwig (Jun.25 using the development tools created by Darrin Massena); PilotMoney - Jeremy Laurenson; DinkyPad - Ed Keyes).