Saturday, December 08, 2018

Friday, December 07, 2018

But everything is still there!

Windows Mobile devices had non-volatile memory, which, if you think about devices today, seems obvious, but back then it really wasn't. Many of Palm's devices up to OS5 didn't have non-volatile memory, so if you let the batteries go flat you had to restore from a back up!

That battery really is flat!

So the Treo lives again

For a while there I wasn't sure it was going to power up at all, but it has!

And another 'last thought' on Windows Mobile

Another thing came to me that I wanted to mention. Whilst Palm OS got used in the Handspring devices, you never had the same kind of modular hardware appear for Windows Mobile, which I think was a missed trick really, and a shame.

I think that could have been very cool indeed.

A last thought on Windows Mobile ...

Ok, perhaps not quite a complete last thought, but one more thing that occurred to me after yesterday's WM fest. One of the things that WM was obviously very good at was integrating with Microsoft's Office suite, at least the versions back in the days when WM was around.

That was of course something that it really had over Palm OS. Palm never had that deep integration that WM could achieve much easier, and that was of course why it was simpler to utilise in enterprise environments.